Monday, August 14, 2017

Blackpool Linux User Group Update - We are now a Makerspace as well.

I had forgotten that I had made a post about our LUG in 2012 until I was reviewing my stats on site visits, and someone had viewed this post. Things have changed considerably since that post so here is an update.

These are the new details of what is now a Makerspace and LUG in Blackpool UK


Blackpool Makerspace + LUG
The Basement, Crossways Hotel, 64 Tyldesley Road, Blackpool. FY1 5DF

Blackpool Makerspace was founded by members of Blackpool Linux User Group, and was previously known as MakerspaceFY1.
Combined meetings of the LUG and Makerspace take place every Saturday at 10 am, unless otherwise stated on the mailing list.

Because the Makerspace combined with the Blackpool Linux User group, the primary method of contacting each other is still the LUG mailing list until further notice.

Mailing List
Subscribe here:-

post to:-

Twitter  @makerspacefy1  

If you are based in the North West of UK and want to pay us a visit please do everyone is welcome we just ask that Minors are accompanied by an adult for the safety of all concerned.


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